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Quovai PMS

We are more than 100% committed to satisfying our clients!

We provide you with a cloud native PMS (you only need a browser, any browser) integrated with a channel manager, booking engine and website (that can be managed directly and easily from the PMS). An ALL-IN-ONE system!

Our systems are designed to be intuitive and for use by revenue managers or even those who are about to embark on a digital journey. We develop our product and services together with you – your suggestions and ideas are very welcome. Together as a community, we can do so much more!

Our prices are affordable and advantageous and we provide 24/7 support (including telephone, email, live chat,  Whatsapp and Telegram) with commitment and professionalism.

Reservation planner

The planning screen represents the central view of the PMS where 80% of your daily work takes place. It is simple to use and can be navigated easily by day, week or month, Just create and modify a reservation by clicking directly on it with your mouse. From the planning screen, you can swiftly pass to the price management screen. It is also designed for multi-properties so the navigation is clear and straightforward.

Prices and availability

Prices and availability management (essentially the price lists) allows you to enter prices in all safety by checking every aspect (prices, restrictions, conditions, availability) directly from a calendar view similar to that of the planning table. Each price has an immediate effect on the booking engine and on the channel manager, which automatically updates the distribution channels.

You can also start optimising your business with the use of some elements of revenue management. The Rate Shopper allows you to keep an eye on the competition!

Invoices and receipts

Build your invoices and receipts using customisable templates directly from your reservations. From the PMS, you can issue receipts and raise invoices (send to the SdI, which is the Italian invoice approval portal, using a secure channel) and also receive invoices (from your suppliers). You can easily a) send and print invoices in pdf, b) view invoices in XML, c) issue cross-border invoices TD17, TD18 and TD19 and d) download a zip file for your accountant or for data exchange with other programmes. Electronic invoicing is organised in the PMS in such a way for it to be a fast and comfortable experience for you!

Check-in online, in advance and contactless

You can ask your guest to pre-compile the guest registration form in order to automatically populate the "Alloggiati Web" for the police. Photos and selfies can also be attached to cross-check data at a later stage at the reception desk. There is also automatic deletion of the guest data in line with the GDPR. Plus you can automatically transfer your monthly data to ISTAT. For Property Managers, we have facilitated the interface to allow for bulk sending.


CRM: customer relationship management

The PMS enables you to create beautiful, customised multi-lingual message templates - for email, Whatsapp and SMSs - and for which you can easily add attachments. Automated message notification and delivery features are available if the appropriate interfaces are in place. We can help you with the necessary configuration. You can also send personalised quotes to your guests and track eventual conversions.

Automated messages simplify the way you interact with your guests and improve guest engagement and the guest's digital journey with you!

Ancillary services and extras

You can define service categories and for each of them the related services (dogs, towels, beach umbrellas etc) and associated prices, which can be easily connected to the booking engine. What is more you can even set up your very own e-shop (connected to your Stripe account) with all your products such as olive oil, wine, pasta etc.

Dynamic housekeeping

The dynamic housekeeping system means that you can better handle the cleaning activities on your property in real time (no more misunderstandings with the cleaning staff). You can view the status of all the rooms (check-out, in progress) and decide the cleaning routines to be adopted by your operators. Activities can be assigned to different operators and links sent via Whatsapp. The status can be changed once the rooms are finished and updated in real time in the PMS.

Performance reports and KPIs

A series of operational and analytical reports, accompanied by summary tables and graphs, enable you to have an immediate and clear understanding of your property's performance and answer questions such as How much am I earning?, How am I doing compared to last year?, From which agencies do the majority of bookings come and other detailed and summary information on every aspect of your property. You can download all our reports in HTML or EXCEL. If you need a customised report, just ask us and we will prepare it for you!

Contextual documentation

We know that it is not easy to find the time to switch to the user manual – no matter how great it is (!) - when you run into trouble. So we have included the concept of contextual help, which appears at the moment you need it as it is embedded directly in the PMS interface. So if you have a problem, just click on the icon in the upper right corner of the PMS.

This contributes to our self-service knowledge base as part of our proactive support strategy! If though you are in difficulty, please use our PMS live chat button on the bottom right corner of the PMS.

"Privacy by design": permissions

We have baked in data protection principles into our PMS. This means that we have put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to allow you to define different levels of access for your users such as those for the reception desk, your accountant, the housekeeping team etc. In this way, we integrate safeguards to protect your activity and your privacy.