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Channel Manager

Over 500 channel connections

You can connect to more than 500 OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), metasearch engines and other booking portals that can distribute your inventory globally in real-time. The biggest OTAs are, Expedia and Airbnb and lately there is competition from Google with its Google Free Booking Links and Google Hotel Ads.

Seamless connectivity

With two-way XML connectivity*, you are sure that all your rooms, rates and restrictions are always up-to-date on all channels. QUOVAI PMS automatically downloads and stores all the bookings directly in the PMS. This means reducing the risk of overbooking to practically zero. Less worry and effort for you!

* In the event that an online portal does not offer a 2-way interface, you can use iCal to synchronise your availability.

Hassle-free configuration

We take care of the configuration of your inventory: rooms and rates in order to correctly connect all the portals of your choice.

We understand the importance of historical data to you. If you want to import your data from your existing PMS, we can migrate it upon request. This makes life easier for you!

Transparent integration

The channel manager integration, once configured, essentially manages itself without your having to intervene to update rates and other parameters when a price or availability changes. So no more slaving over your planning table and no more double bookings.

Derived rates

You can define separate prices for your booking engine or for the channel manager; thus offsetting the costs for commissions and encouraging direct bookings.

It is also possible to define "derived" rates. So when the prices in a particular rate change, the prices in the rates derived from it change automatically as well.

Complete tracking

Each event related to the channel manager is tracked with dates, times, booking reference numbers etc. and can be consulted by you directly in the PMS. We are the first to intervene and alert you if an event cannot be handled by the channel and requires your intervention.

With each OTA booking, you receive a detailed e-mail with all the information you need.