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Booking Engine Commission-free!

2 clicks to book

Our philosophy regarding the booking engine is that: the easier the mechanics of the booking phase, the higher the number of direct bookings. For this reason we have eliminated all the superfluous parts (does one really need to know the customer's address?!) and we have made sure that the customer can complete the booking in just two clicks: room choice and entry of basic data and credit card. Simplicity abounds!

It also allows conversion tracking due to integrations with Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4.0 and the Meta pixel.

Mobile/Tablet friendly

The booking engine is easy to navigate from any device: smartphone or tablet. Each screen is perfectly configured to make the booking process seamless.

PCI DSS credit card processing

PCI Card DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the international standard for credit card processing, which obliges all those who process credit card data to comply with certain security standards. Quovai booking engine uses a solution perfectly compliant with the PCI standard and puts your customers' card data in a safe place (even allowing you to access it in case of need e.g. for a no-show or a scheduled charge).


The user can view and cancel his/her reservation independently. Automated messages keep the customer updated at specified points throughout the reservation's life and ensure ongoing communication with the customer.

Special offers

Special offers within the booking engine are fully integrated with the PMS, are based on the same price list and ensure the PMS talks to your website. You can define different types of special offers (book early, last minute, book by...), which then appear directly on your website. You can also insert gift or voucher codes.

Furthermore, you can create a page of offers from your local suppliers that can be integrated into your website for the benefit of your guests during their stay.