Channel manager Booking engine

PMS (Property Management System)

Reservation planning

The planning screen represents the central view of the PMS where 80% of your daily work takes place. It's simple to use and can be navigated easily by day, week or month, Just create and modify a reservation by clicking directly on it with your mouse. From the planning screen, you swiftly pass to the price management screen.

Easy tweaking of prices and availability

Prices and availability management (essentially the price lists) allows you to enter prices in all safety by checking every aspect (prices, restrictions, conditions, availability) directly from a calendar view similar to that of the planning. Each price has an immediate effect on the booking engine and on the channel manager, which automatically updates the distribution channels.

Invoice and receipt generation

Build your invoices and receipts using customisable templates directly from your reservations.

Other services

Everything your property offers can be sold online! Maximise the use of your PMS by defining categories of services and related services with associated prices; all of which are bookable from the booking engine.

Cost centre

The PMS enables you to manage the costs related to your apartments/rooms (an especially useful feature for Residences and RTAs) resulting in a simple and clear accounting ledger of what you have spent on repairs, cleaning, electricity and heating consumption, scheduled and unplanned maintenance etc...

Performance reports

A series of operational and analytical reports, complete with tables and graphs, means that you always have a clear and consolidated view of what you are earning, how you are doing in relation to last year, who are your key agencies and lots of other valuable information on your property or your multi-properties. If you need a particular report that we don't currently offer, let us know!