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Any doubts?

Contact us or consult our FAQs that have been specifically created for you: we want to make sure that you understand what QUOVAI PMS can offer you.

Test it! We offer you a trial period in which you can test the performance and functionality of our PMS in the comfort of your workspace. If you need help to navigate, we are at your side for the entire trial period as if you were already our customer. No financial commitment is required at this stage!

Our all-in-one solution includes:

  • A PMS (Property Management System) or a 100% native, cloud management system that represents the heart of your property (or multi-property) where you can plan rates, manage additional services, create promotions, send promotional codes, automatically send guest registration forms to the police and monthly data to ISTAT, manage electronic invoicing and payments, manage groups, quotes, online check-in, POS, etc.
  • A Booking Engine to receive bookings directly on your website (your direct sales channel). We do not charge commissions!
  • A Channel Manager that manages online sales channels with immediate and reliable synchronisation.
  • A DMS Portal in which we can act as an aggregator of lodgings, experiences, tourist services and much more, all to increase your online visibility.
  • And a website if so required.

It means that your PMS data are not saved on your PC, but on our servers in the cloud that we manage on your behalf; thus freeing you from any unnecessary worries. You will not have to buy, install or manage any hardware or software yourself. All you need is a browser and a reliable internet connection to access the PMS from any device.

Yes, Quovai PMS can easily manage multiple properties all on the main planner or separately, but with only one log-in. You simply switch from one property to the next. We also offer the bulk sending of monthly data to ISTAT for vacation rentals associated with different ISTAT codes. We know how lengthy and tedious that monthly activity can be!

We carefully evaluate on a case-by-case basis in order to choose the best approach to importing your old and future reservations and your guest data. You will need to be able to provide us with your data in Excel or in the CSV format, but we can help you with that as well.

We use the data centres of Hetzner and Aruba in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the European regulation on privacy and protection of personal data – GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation). The data centres are located in Germany, Italy and Finland, and therefore no data transfer is made outside of the European Union (very important in the context of the protection of your guests’ personal data).

The integration between the Channel manager and our PMS allows for an immediate synchronisation to automatically update the standard parameters: availability, prices, restrictions etc. as well as download reservations. You can choose all the channels you require (such as, Expedia, Airbnb, HRS etc.). There is also a Rate Shopper available that monitors your competitors’ rates in real-time.

In addition, when there is little availability on your planner and you need to move a guest to another room for whatever reason, there is a risk that while you are making a temporary move, a reservation may enter from an OTA; thus creating an overbooking – not desired! To prevent this from happening, we have created a “Pause channel” button that allows you to make the necessary movements on your planner for a maximum period 2 minutes so that temporary “movements” are not notified to the portals.

Reports and statistics are very important work tools that allow you to have a clear and precise overview of the progress and performance of your property over time. All reports can be easily generated and exported to XLS (Excel) or saved as PDFs. If amongst our standard reports, you do not find what you need, let us know and we will prepare it for you at no extra cost!

The PMS allows the electronic sending of the guest registration forms to the web portal “Alloggiati Web” and the monthly tourist movements to ISTAT.

Of course! With our Virtual Reception service, if you have a lot or little technological familiarity, we are always by your side and guide you on all aspects of managing your property: remote reception management; astudy of your site; SEO / Google Ads processing; preparation of advertising campaigns and landing pages; creation of special offers; social profile management; assistance with the various OTA portals; helping you to improve your review scores. If you need any other assistance, just ask!

We work hard to guarantee you an innovative and safe product. You can rest assured knowing that PMS is always updated with the latest national and European regulations/laws etc.

PSD2 directive and SCA
On 14 September 2019, the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) came into force (valid in the countries of the European Economic Area – EU 24, UK and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) that changes the way hotels operate in terms of electronic payments. We have adapted our checkout method on the booking engine and use Stripe as our gateway.

European regulation GDPR
The PMS complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the European regulation on privacy and protection of personal data – GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

Management of electronic invoicing
The PMS manages the entire active and passive billing cycle, insertion of the digital signature, archiving, automatic sending to the Exchange System, sending of cross-border invoices and integration with the fiscal registers RCH Print! F, Epson and Ditron.

Electronic invoicing has been mandatory in Italy since 1 January 2019. From the PMS, you can raise and send invoices (to your customers) and receive invoices (from your suppliers). You can also register and send cross-border invoices from the PMS since 1 July 2022. This is very handy for your invoices from the OTAs such as, EXPEDIA, Airbnb etc. Via the PMS, it can be done quickly and easily with no need to bother your accountant.

We also facilitate the automation of the digital signature of your documents by sending them to the Electronic Data Exchange System (SdI) and digital archives (for a duration of 10 years). In addition, you can also a) print invoices in pdf, b) view them in xml format and c) download an archive to provide to your accountant or to use for data exchange with other accounting programmes.

In addition, the PMS is connected to the most common cash registers that are linked to the SdI: RCH Print! F, EPSON and DITRON. We can also interface with other brands. Just contact us for more information.

First, our booking engine is conversion-oriented as it involves 2 clicks to arrive at the booking page. Furthermore, we are “mean” with data and only collect the information you need from your guest (GDPR to the fore).

Secondly, there are several actions you can take in order to increase the number of bookings for your property.

  • Understand your data, your unique selling proposition and the market segment that is interested in your property.
  • Create last minute value-added packages such as book early, book before etc. with a minimum stay, add discounts, add extra services (dinners, free deck chair on the beach, late check-out …) etc.
  • Generate promotional codes (exclusive discounts) to incentivise direct bookings from your booking engine for your loyal guests.
  • Build an email list over time (in line with the GDPR) and send out beautiful templates from the PMS with clear call-to-action messages.
  • Upselling: at the time of booking, you can propose additional services (half board, full board, sun umbrellas and much more) to your future guests.
  • Take advantage of social media (Meta, TikTok, Instagram).
  • Send customised messages in seconds from the PMS to your future guests: ensure guest engagement pre-stay and post-stay.
  • Make sure you are visible on a Destination Management System (DMS) portal to promote your property.
  • Do some digital advertising if you have budget availability.
  • Connect to Google Free Booking Links for increased visibility on Google.
  • Use the chat module integrated in our booking engine that helps to reduce abandonment rates and increase conversions. With chat,  you interact in real time with your visitors by immediately answering their questions and offering assistance in a practical and fast way.  

We have a ticketing system to keep track of tickets and a team of experts ready to help you with any issue. Once you open a ticket, we respond using the most appropriate means to quickly solve your problem: by email, phone call, chat directly from the PMS (Tawk), Whatsapp or Telegram.

In addition, each property has our telephone number to use for emergencies: we are always at your side to solve any of your issues!

All your questions and requests are of great importance to us. Through these, we can improve our system. So if you need some improvement, or a particular feature, just contact us and together we will find the best solution to move forward.

We pride ourselves on our support! Like Amazon, the customer is KING.

If you still have not found the answer to your question, contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible!