Booking engine PMS

Channel manager

More than 500 OTA connections

You can connect to more than 500 OTAs and booking portals. Quovai PMS uses Room Cloud as its interface to portals. The complete list of available integrations is visible here.

Two-way communication

With our two-way channel integration, when you change a rate or availability, the channel manager distributes it immediately to the connected channels. This means the risk of overbooking is reduced to zero (no extra fees to pay to the OTAs!); there is a greater chance of receiving more bookings as you always have an updated inventory and, of course, you have more time at your disposal to dedicate to your no. 1 priority - your guests.

Dedicated rates

This is a strong selling point in that you can maintain separate prices for your booking engine and for your channel manager; thus compensating for the commissions applied by the OTAs and encouraging direct bookings via your website. Plus you can create a base rate to create multiple rates (referred to as "derived rates") with deviations that allow you to differentiate prices on the various channels.

Instant inventory update

The channel manager integration, once configured, basically manages itself. This is very advantageous in that the channel manager update the inventory automatically. The only thing that you need to do is to remember that bookings are always arriving plus guests on your doorstep!

Effortless integration

It is our job to take care of the configuration of your rooms and rates in order to correctly connect all the portals.

Full-cycle of tracking

Each "event" (e.g. booking, cancellation, modification to an existing booking) related to the channel manager is tracked and can be viewed quickly by the holiday property. We are the first to intervene though in case of an anomaly. We immediately inform a holiday property if an event cannot be managed directly by the channel manager and suggest a manual intervention.