Quovai? Ensuring tourists have a fun and authentic holiday!

So you arrive after a long journey at the check-in desk of a hotel/holiday property and ask the usual questions: "Could you suggest where we eat tonight?"; "Where is the nearest beach?"; "Any fun activities for kids in the area?".

Here is where Quovai steps in: the hotelier redirects you to the Quovai platform hosting an attractive set of offers, vouchers and places to visit that the hotelier has personally chosen for you from the surrounding territory to enrich your stay. That's the personalisation equation.

All suggestions have been tried and tested and come with a quality tag - that's the bond of trust between you and your hotelier! In addition, all can be purchased immediately online at an enticing discount.

Be surprised with the digital suggestions from your hotel!

Your personalised holiday!

Your hotelier has chosen a myriad of things for you to buy, visit and experience in the surrounding area that match your personal preferences!

Suggestions with a modern twist!

To access your hotelier's digital suggestions, just log onto the hotel's website and there lies the opportunity to enhance your stay!

Building expectations!

Unique, personalised, attractive, trustworthy, local and abundant suggestions... With one click on Quovai, purchase the enticing discounts!

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“Ottima idea, servizio utile e semplice da utilizzare. Consigliato.” ━ Costanza ━
“Tutto benissimo! Perfetto” ━ Serena ━
“Ottimo servizio e di facile utilizzo.” ━ Valentina ━