Quovai PMS: more bookings, less hassle

A property management system for holiday properties that is extremely simple to use, intuitive, cloud-based, conversion-oriented (direct bookings) and all for a reasonable price. Request more information

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PMS means Property Management System. It is the essence of the hospitality business: one platform with all features working in symbiosis. It is where you manage your single or multi-property (with one log-in access point); upload your price lists; manage prices and availability from one screen; record reservations; prepare receipts and invoices; create special offers; track performance and lots more.


Booking engine

Our booking engine is fully integrated into the PMS. It works in real time and allows you to create a type of virtual reception that presents your prices and availability already defined in the PMS to the outside world. It's simple and intuitive, blends naturally into your website with SSL certification and is mobile responsive.


Channel manager

The integration of the channel manager into your PMS permits an automatic inventory update across all the online distribution channels that you have selected (such as booking.com, Expedia etc) and enables you to happily wave goodbye to overbookings and associated headaches. In our basic package, one channel (of your choice) is included. If you want to connect to other channels, just request other modules to be added.